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Business Builder Grant Awards

We are excited to announce our 2024 Grant Recipients!
Congratulations to the following organizations: 

  • Butterfield Hardware LLC

  • Evergreen Specialty Foods LLC

  • Fruit of the Coop, LLC

  • Hadrick Ranch LLC

  • Hazelton Development Corporation

  • In-Cider Orchard, LLC

  • Kitzan Family Farms, LLC

  • Kramlich Deede Meats


  • Madison Mercantile

  • Native Wise LLC

  • Red River Harvest Cooperative

  • Sioux Falls Thrive

  • Square One, LLC

  • The Pasture North Dakota LLC

  • Women's Environmental Institute at Amador Hill Farm and Orchard


Awarded Projects

The awarded projects serve small to mid-sized food value chain businesses and fund local food aggregation and distribution, technology advancements and activities including feasibility studies, market assessments, and succession planning.


2024 Application & Award Details

Number of applications: 84
Number of eligible applications: 64
Total Amount Requested from Eligible Applications: $2,930,376.22
Total Amount Awarded for MN: $199,100
      Congrats to Region Nine for assisting with awarded application
Total Amount Awarded for ND: $205,000
      Congrats to ND Rural Electric Cooperative, South Central Regional Development and Lake Agassiz Regional Council for assisting with successful applications. 
Total Amount Awarded for SD: $203,000
      Congrats to SDSPA and South Eastern Council of Governments for assisting with successful applications. 


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