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About the North Central USDA Regional Food Business Center

North Central Map Image of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota

One of 12 Centers in the U.S.
with 35 unique partners
serving 3 states - MN, ND, SD.

Meet the Partners


North Dakota

South Dakota

Technical Assistance Providers are listed in bold font.
See Roles below for more details.


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SD farmers union kickoff meeting

Statewide Coordinators

  • Hold meetings with experts, evaluators, and special guests to improve support for farmers and food businesses.

  • Take notes to gather valuable information for making improvements.

  • Organize annual Summits to share best practices, projects, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Main focus is to help TA providers have resources to deliver targeted assistance to underserved farmers, processors, distributors, and others in the food supply chain.

Statewide Coordinators


Regional Technical Assistance Providers

  • Develop a regional action plan that will include implementation and funding plan.

  • Value chain/supply chain coordination, including networking and peer-to-peer sharing.

  • Assist smaller-scale food producers and food and farm businesses in the middle of the supply chain in identifying and navigating third party financial assistance, particularly from federal, state, tribal, and other sources.

  • Write grant applications.

Regional Technical Assistance Providers

Casual Meeting

Evaluator Partners

  • Develop and monitor the Evaluation Plan.

  • Take the lead in compiling data for USDA AMS Semi-annual reports to capture information about the Regional Food Center’s operation as a whole and from Coordinators, TA Providers, and Business Builder sub-award recipients.

  • Interview Business Builder Sub-awardees and TA providers to share impacts through qualitative storytelling.

Evaluator Partners

Advisory Technical Assistance Providers

  • Conduct outreach to communities and regional businesses.

  • Secure a representative for grant review committee.

  • Provide one recorded Zoom workshop per year.

Advisory Technical Assistance Providers

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